Diazo theme inheritance

written on 2013-02-06

With old style theming in a package you could base your themes on Sunburst or classic. Creating themes based on frameworks got me to do the theming on the content side and then move the complete body over to the theme side. After several variations of one type of framework the constant duplication of resources, made me realize I needed some form of inheritance for this type of diazo theme.


written on 2011-01-31

The greatest thing to me about XDV is that you can leave Plone as it is and alter nearly everything about it. Mostly xdv will suffice, but when necessary you can even grab for xsl. You're not even doctype bound. I've been working on an XDV theme based on HTML5 boilerplate.

Dutch Webguidelines and XDV trickery

written on 2011-01-25

With Plone's new theming mechanism it is a breeze to conform to a strict doctype necessary for the Dutch Web-guidelines (Webrichtlijnen Overheid). This post is actually long overdue since I've done this at least half a year ago, but still, better late then never.

Python 2.4 on Ubuntu 10.04

written on 2010-08-16

The installation of python2.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 had me pulling the hair from my head. I needed to deploy a Plone project using Fabric and buildout-source-release and python2.4, but the latter has been dropped for Ubuntu 10.04. Through dirty hacks it was possible to release, but now I've got the propper solution.

Not caching certain plone templates in Varnish

written on 2010-05-26

For a customer I needed to have an old school custom Plone template not to be cashed. The site was put behind varnish and just adding "no-cache" headers did not work.

Override portlets or Subclassing

written on 2009-01-20

I found a great article on how to subclass the navigation portlet. Explanations and all. This entry is based on that article but doesn't have all the nice explanations.