Python 2.4 on Ubuntu 10.04

written on 2010-08-16

The installation of python2.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 had me pulling the hair from my head. I needed to deploy a Plone project using Fabric and buildout-source-release and python2.4, but the latter has been dropped for Ubuntu 10.04. Through dirty hacks it was possible to release, but now I've got the propper solution.


written on 2009-02-12

Our office network has horrible download speeds, it is more efficient to zip a file before copying it. (No longer slow but still nice to not forget this)

Creating an ssh tunnel

written on 2009-01-20

Setting up a host for a server in the ssh config and creating an ssh tunnel.

Case insensitive terminal

written on 2008-12-26

Case insensitivity for tabcompletion is something I have needed more often, this is how to do it.