DOM Scripting; the book by Jeremy Keith

written on 2010-04-15

This book has proven to be a great read. It is: easily written, focussed on web designers, has great regard for web standard and builds up nicely by showing all the steps and then sticking them together in a fictional case.

Based on semantic HTML and CSS the book shows you how to enhance the user experience with JavaScript without adding relevant content. As a web developer with python experiance but less knowledge of JavaScript this book quickly clarifies how to do things the right way.

Starting of with a brief history of JavaScript, followed by basic syntax explanation. It then gives an explanation of the DOM. Through a set of carefully explained examples of javaScript enhancements, like for example: an image gallery and folding of content based on a subnavigation, the book leads to putting it all together in a final example case.

After reading the book it will be easier to recognise the good JavaScript from the bad. The frequently used "copy/paste" code, becomes higher quality (if you take the trouble to read the code before "copy/pasting"). You also want to start writing scripts yourself because after the book JavaScript looks easy and fun.