Not caching certain plone templates in Varnish

written on 2010-05-26

For a customer I needed to have an old school custom Plone template not to be cashed. The site was put behind varnish and just adding "no-cache" headers did not work.

DOM Scripting; the book by Jeremy Keith

written on 2010-04-15

This book has proven to be a great read. It is: easily written, focussed on web designers, has great regard for web standard and builds up nicely by showing all the steps and then sticking them together in a fictional case.


written on 2009-02-12

Our office network has horrible download speeds, it is more efficient to zip a file before copying it. (No longer slow but still nice to not forget this)

Creating an ssh tunnel

written on 2009-01-20

Setting up a host for a server in the ssh config and creating an ssh tunnel.