Plone 3.2.1 ImportError

written on 2009-03-18

Dealing with plone upgrade issues from 3.1.7. to 3.2.1.

While updating a plone 3.1.7 instance to 3.2.1 I all of the sudden had the following import error:

    ImportError: No module named ImplPython

Searching the net I only found irrelevant solutions to my situation. I had an other plone 3.2.1 instance that used to work, so I checked if it would still run and it did. Creating a test instance of that buildout, once again didn't work. Running a div between the two instance files showed 3 differences.

zope.component-3.5.1 was now zope.component-3.6.0

and two missing packages

zope.deferredimport zope.deprecation (both dependencies of zope.component-3.5.1)

Version pinning zope.component-3.5.1 in the buildout solved the import error.

versions = versions