written on 2010-04-14

My own website has been one of the stable outputs of design and experimentation. I am starting here since I nearly have more designs for my site than actual blogposts.

In the beginning...

THijs Pivot website

Starting out as a pivot blog, the initial design was based on a picture of me with a snotty nose and me often typing the first two letters of my name uppercase.

THijs Vintage

Finding the TH aesthetically pleasing I have continued this, and now do it on purpose. The same with the worked picture of my face, these are the base for my websites design, that with an idea I want to explore.

A new face


Since the first design for my site was using CMYK and greys, I wanted to go RGB, but then decided that, primary colors would be fun.


Also, there should not be any images necessary for the design. Images should be content. I had found a way to create the pop-art way too zoomed in raster in Illustrator, which I for an SVG (XML is not an image) version of my head. This was the first design that started using custom web fonts. It has not lasted very long, the colors were to hard and the "flag running down the screen" did not work very well,

Vertical rhythm

THijs Canvas

Getting bored with the hard colors pretty quick, this design is sparked on by vertical rhythm of text (using baseline css) and this blood splatter web font I saw on fontsquirrel. The site is reminiscent of a lined notebook where every link has some random ink splatters (random letters in blood splatter font, through JavaScript) to make it feel 'alive'.

A not so blank canvas

THijs Pivot website

With CSS3 in full swing, and still loving the idea of not using images in the design (the vertical rhythm design used an image for my face), I had a design brewing where the content was embossed out of the background, a bit like the adaptor of a mac book. When I ran into Rob Hawkes google balls implementation I figured that would be perfect for an implementation of my already vectorized head. Hover over my head under the logo on the site and see what happens.

His way of implementing coordinates and colors was too verbose for an image with as many dots as my face. In the end I used the size of the ball for the color determination. I find the movement of the dots very addictive.

Face the future

THijs 3D website

3D is of course the future, therefore my future site will be 3D, but with a vintage look.

THijs 3D

I found that Anaglyph 3D works as well on a computer screen as in does on paper, which set me off to play around with it. To properly implement this I will need to create 3 fonts for the headers which I just don't seem to get around to.